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Sanger High School

picture of parents
We have a very excited program that your child is now a part of!  However, it is a sport and an activity so there is a LOT of information and safety procedures that we ask you and your child to be aware of and follow!  In addition, this is one expensive program to be a part of!  Please use this page for information to benefit you and your child throughout the season and all-year-around!


We have officially had our first Booster meeting (directly after the contract meeting).  The following will be our Booster Board for the 2016-2017 cheer season.  Remember, now that you are a parent of a cheerleader, you automatically become a booster member.  You have a right to vote on certain key issues the booster board brings up.  More information to come!

Booster President - Georgia Castillo
Booster Vice-President/Fundraising - Veronica Quintanilla
Booster Secretary - Amy Boust
Booster Treasurer - Yolanda Garza

It takes a considerable commitment to make sure your child is successful in the cheer program at Sanger High School.  Your dedication does not go unnoticed...We all say a big "THANK YOU!"  to and your child make school spirit and Apache pride possible!