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Sanger High School

If you are sick but come to school you must still dress for class. If you are too sick to participate, you may be excused for that day only with a note from home. When you are absent from school you must make up your absence during tutorial in order to receive your points.

Any absences not made up during tutorial will count as a loss in points.


Every week on Wednesday there will be an opportunity for students to make up lost points for their class. Students must heck in with their PE teacher at the beginning of the tutorial session and perform the required task. Students who choose to give less than their best effort in class will be asked to attend tutorial.

These lost points may only be made up during the same grading period.

Notes From Home

A parent may excuse a student up to 3 days in a row. The note must be dated and indicate the specific number of days that the student is to be excused. A parent may only excuse their child from PE two times during each semester. The student is still required to dress out for PE each day.

Medical Excuses

Any student on medical leave 4 weeks or less will be required to dress and do written work during their PE period. Medical leave that lasts longer than 4 weeks will result in a NM grade (no mark), which will result in no credit for PE.

Game Day Policy

Due to the fact that students are involved in athletic competitions, we have implemented a policy for classes on game days. Students will not be excused from lifting or participating in class the day of competition, but may alter their program to meet daily requirements. Students who do not lift or participate the day of the game or the day after a game, without a signed medical excuse will be given a zero for that day.