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Sanger High School

Grading Policy

90%-100% = A
80% - 89% = B
70% - 79% = C
60%-69% ~ D
59% or below = F

Students will receive 2 points a day for participation, and 10 points per week for dressing. For each non-dress a student will receive negative 10 points. If you DO NOT dress twice in a week your 10 points for the following week will be taken away. This means it’s very important that your child dress out on a daily basis to avoid receiving an F grade. A half dress in PE is considered a NON-dress!

Physical Education Department Goal

Our goal is to have 75% of our students pass the State Fitness Test in the spring. All of our classes will be striving to reach this mark through weekly fitness days.

Physical Fitness Testing

Throughout the year students will be training to perform their best on the following tests that will be reported to the district and state during their final test in March. These Physical Fitness tests include and measure the following:

  • Mile Run (Cardiovascular Fitness)
  • Push-Ups (Muscular Strength)
  • Curl-Ups (Muscular Endurance)
  • Sit and Reach (Flexibility)
  • Trunk Lift (Flexibility)
  • Height and Weight (Body Composition)