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Sanger High School


Couse I – PE

Course II – Integrated Sports
Athletic Team Classes
Individual Sports Units

  • Badminton
  • Golf
  • Paddle Tennis
  • Dance
  • Swimming
  • Fitness
  • Tennis
  • Frisbee Golf
  • Nitro Ball
  • Pickle Ball

Team sports units

  • BasketballMushball
  • RugbySoccer
  • HockeyFootball
  • Team HandballLacrosse
  • Ultimate FrisbeeVolleyball
  • Eclipse Ball

Course Rules

  • Students must listen and follow ALL PE TEACHERS directives, not just their own.
  • Students must b eon their roll call numbers immediately leaving the locker room.
  • Students must be dressed in proper PE uniform daily.
  • Students may only bring water to class, NO FOOD!
  • Electronic devices are not allowed at any time! ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES WILL BE TAKEN ANY TIME THEY ARE SEEN (cell phones, ipds, etc.). Refer to the Parent / Student Handbook.
  • Respect others.
  • Do not use foul language and refrain from spitting.


    • All students are required to dress in uniform daily. No black tights or spandex shorts.
    • Tennis shoes must be worn daily. (Flip-flops, sandals, flat shoes, etc. will not be permitted.)
    • All students will be required to meet in the big gym for roll immediately after leaving the locker room.
    • All students are required to be dressed and exit from the locker room seven minutes after the tardy bell rings.
    • All students are required to be physically active regardless of being properly dressed or not.
    • Lost or stolen gym clothes must be replaced within five school days, during which time the student may borrow loaners from their teacher.
    • Teachers are not responsible for lost or stolen valuables.

    Holding the Line

    Following class, students must remain behind the PE gates until the passing bell rings. Students will not be allowed to leave in order to visit the office or another classroom without a hall pass.

    Missing Items

    Students who have lost of had any item stolen from their locker must report this immediately to their PE teacher. Lost items may be found in the PE office. Ask a teacher for assistance.

    PE Uniform

    For identification purposes, it is highly recommended that each student write their first initial and last name on their shirt and shorts. Ennis shoes mush be worn at all time. No other shoes are acceptable (flip-flops, sandals, flat shoes, UGG boots, etc.).

    During the winter months Red, Gray, Navy or Sanger High sweat pants may be worn over your PE clothes. PE Uniforms may be purchased form the athletic office secretary (shirts - $10 & shorts - $15). SWEATS CAN ONLY BE WORN WHEN WEATHER PERMITS.


    Students who forget their uniform may borrow PE clothes for the day only if they are at the office door prior to the tardy bell ringing. Following class, students will return the clothes to the office in order to check out. No Exceptions! Excessive use of our daily loaners will result in an investigation and further disciplinary action.