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Sanger High School

The developmental range of physical activity in high school students is very diverse.  As incoming Freshmen, students will experience numerous physical and physiological changes during their first two years.  Instruction on the effects of physical activity on dynamic health and the mechanics of body movement will be integrated throughout the school year.

Sophomores will continue to improve their cognitive functioning through their second year.  They will experience an expansion of their knowledge base; an increase in their ability to absorb, process and retrieve information; a refinement of their language and communication skills; an increase in their attention capacity; and an increase in their ability to conceptualize, reason and analyze information.

Student Athletes will be able to utilize the PE class as a supplement to their training for their sport to ensure growth in the following areas: speed, agility, strength, power, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.  Students will be introduced to using the proper lifting techniques and will work on specific muscle groups.