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Sanger High School

Below are the databases owned by Sanger High School Library.  If you are on campus, you will not need a username and password.  However, if you are accessing these resources from home, you will need the following:

Username: sangerhigh

Password: apaches

Biography in context gives you in-depth primary and secondary sources on people in history.

Culture Grams

Culture Grams is a great resource for finding current information on cultures, politics, religions, and customs for nations around the world.

Ebscohost logo

Search all of EBSCO's research databases, including History Reference Center, Literary Reference Center, Science Reference Center, Points of View, eBooks, and Explora.

history reference center logo

Search EBSCO's History Reference Center database of primary sources, biographies, historical analyses, and much more.

Literary reference center

Search EBSCO's Literary Reference Center database - a resource for literary criticism, interpretative works, and literary journals.

Looking for something new to read? Enter your favorite book or other search criteria to find read-alikes and other book suggestions.

Opposing Viewpoints in context gives you in-depth primary and secondary sources on top issues around our nation. It pairs sources from both sides of the argument to give you a complete picture of the topic.

points of view reference center

Search EBSCO's Points of View database.  This database provides primary and secondary sources on today's top issues.  Topics contain sources from a variety of viewpoints. 

This database is a collection of science resources.  Topics include current science research in the field, as well as information on established scientific theories, experiments, studies, and more.

science reference center

Search EBSCO's collection of scientific resources in Science Reference Center database.  This database provides sources on current research in the field, published scientific journals, and other academic sources.

SIRS discoverer

Database organized by topics, web sources, and references.

This reference center gives you the top three results of primary and secondary sources for your search topic, leading you to a variety of resources in a one-stop-shop.

California Databases

Below are free databases provided by the State of California.  The username and password for these databases is:

Username: sangerhigh

Password: apachesR#1

Access Britannica's extensive encyclopedia, available in English and Spanish.

Delivers pros & cons on today’s complex social issues with relevant, credible information that tells the whole story.

Self-guided product support information literacy, writing, & research skills instruction.

Journals, magazines, newspapers, videos, reports, & other content.