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Daniel R. Chacon

School and Community Profile 2013/14

“Always with Pride” has been Sanger High School’s motto for more than a century.  Sanger High School is the single comprehensive high school in Sanger Unified School District, a district serving approximately 10,800 students.  Sanger Unified School District covers 180 square miles in eastern Fresno County from the city of Fresno to the foothills, includes the city of Sanger, the communities of Del Rey and Centerville, and suburban and rural areas.  Sanger Unified adjoins Fresno, Clovis, Fowler, Selma, Kings Canyon, Parlier, and Sierra Unified School Districts.  The district is rich in agricultural and suburban areas.  Our location offers students three community colleges and two universities within 20 miles. Sanger is a small close-knit community with a median income of $38,320 per household.  The district enrollment experienced a building boom between 2005 and 2007, and the result was approximately 3,500 new homes being built.  However, because of the recession and decline in the building of new homes, Sanger Unified enrollment has remained stagnant, although Sanger High School’s enrollment has increased.

Sanger High School built a new campus and moved in January 2000.  The beautiful school is spread over 60 acres and is comprised of 17 buildings including a state-of-the-art library with a multimedia center, a multipurpose building, 13 computer labs and 3 mobile labs, providing students with internet resources.  The addition of portable classrooms, tennis courts and a second gym has augmented the physical setting of the campus.  The present enrollment is approximately 2,772 with a diverse student population of 74% Hispanic, 12% white, 12% Asian, 2% African American and 1% other.  Of the 2,772 students, 9% are classified as English Learners (EL) and 34% have been redesignated as Fluent English Proficient (RFEP), and 3 % are migrant.  38% of parents’ primary language is other than English.  The number of students qualifying for free and reduced lunches is 72%.  Sanger has consistently maintained a 96 to 97% graduation rate over the last several years.  Of our 97% of students that graduated, 29% enrolled into a four-year university, 62% at a community college, and 9% other.  Due to Sanger’s low socio-economic level and the lack of public transportation, the ability for students to take advantage of the close proximity of college campuses and the access to college level courses is limited during the secondary education.  Sanger High School is continuously seeking out new opportunities to address its socio-economically disadvantaged population.

Background Information
In 2001, Sanger High School initiated an improvement process through participation in II/USP, Immediate Intervention for Under-performing Schools Program.  The School-Community Team (SCT), a committee comprised of parents, teachers, and administrators, created a three-year plan to transform our school.  Open public meetings were held and all members of the community were invited to provide input and commentary.  The SCT recognized that Math and English would provide the foundation for improving the academic environment.  The parents, who made up the majority of the community, believed an important component would be Curriculum Support Providers in Math and English.  As a result of the SCT, Sanger High School implemented a college preparatory education for all students.  The adjustment eliminated different expectations and tracks for students based on preconceived notions of ability.  Many students initially struggled in college-prep courses, due to below grade level reading skills, so the school adopted an intensive reading program.  II/USP funds were used to hire additional English teachers and Curriculum Support Providers (CSP) for English/Language Arts (ELA) and Math to support teachers with lesson plans, instruction methods, classroom management and professional development.  In addition, the school integrated Special Education students into core classes and placed Special Education Teachers as consultants in the classrooms, where instructional assistance was offered to both special education and regular education students.  

By 2003, Sanger High School was no longer an under-performing school.  The Academic Performance Index (API) has increased significantly over the last nine years, surpassing all targets, and CAHSEE scores have exceeded state averages.  The experience of being identified with the II/USP program alerted our administration and staff of much needed changes and initiated a new phase for our culture.  Our mottos, “ I Make a Difference!” and “Together We Can!” has centered our focus on rigorous, standards-based curriculum and high expectations.

Sanger High School is the jewel of the Sanger Community.  We are committed to offering students a challenging college-preparatory curriculum including 14 Advanced Placement courses and 7 Honors courses.  Since 2002, Sanger High School has seen a 196-point increase in API from 598 to 794.  Based on 2013 API, scores, Sanger High School is ranked among  the top 10 high schools in Fresno County.   Sanger High School previously won the California Distinguished School award in 1996, 2005, and 2009.  Since 2006, Sanger High School has been awarded the CalSTAT Leadership Site Award in the area of Special Education for a Full-Inclusion.  Also in 2005, Sanger High School was awarded the Title I Academic Achievement Award.  Since 2007, Sanger High School has been recognized by U.S. News and World Report, as one of the best high schools in the nation, receiving the silver medal award.  

“Always With Pride”

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