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Sanger High School

Welcome to all our returning parents as well as our new 9th grade parents. I am Daniel Chacon and for the past eighteen years, I have had the privilege of serving as the principal of Sanger High School. Like a fine wine, that only gets better with time, I am thrilled to begin another year here at Sanger High, and I anticipate this 2018-19 school year to be one of the best for the Apaches!

This school year we will focus on three major goals: Safety, Student Achievement and College/Career Pathways.  We believe that success in these areas will benefit our students and families immensely.  So, with these goals in mind, let me provide you with an initial overview of what you can expect this year.

This year we opened the school year with 3196 students in attendance. We have 142 teachers, 8 counselors, 8 student advocates, 4 assistant principals, 1 deputy principal, 1 Sanger Police Officer, 1 Fresno County Probation Officer and 30 classified support positions. As you can see with over 3300 people calling this 60-acre site home every day, Safety is a priority and one of our school goals.

During the school day, all administrators, along with 6 Campus Safety Officers, are on duty to supervise the campus before and after school and during lunch.  During the morning break and lunch periods we provide food free of charge to all students.  Students just need to enter their ID number and enjoy two free meals every day. And yes, there is heavy traffic before and after school for about 15 minutes, but we do our best to help direct traffic and safely usher students on their way home.

Student Achievement is another one of our goals and is measured by the state of California using multiple measures. Here are a couple examples:

  • Graduation Rate (Currently 90%)
  • A-G Completion Rate (Currently 62%)
  • CAASPP English Test (71% met or exceeded standards)
  • CAASPP Math Test (40% met or exceeded standards)
  • Attendance Rate (96%)
  • Suspension Discipline Rate (high)

Our 11th graders performed well on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) last spring. English scores improved to 72% of our students meeting or exceeding standards, well above the state average of 59%. And in math 40% of our students met or exceeded standards, above the state average of 33%.  We have analyzed last year’s results and have implemented an instructional plan to improve our students’ performance even more this upcoming year. 

Currently we have 5 Career Pathways. Most notably is the POM Wonderful pathway which last year provided the opportunity for 25 Sanger High seniors to graduate from Reedley College with their Associate’s Degree, while simultaneously getting their high school diploma.  Due to the POM Wonderful pathway, students at Sanger High have the opportunity to enroll in college level courses such as: ENGLISH 1A, Chemistry 3A, Spanish 1A, 2A, Art Appreciation, History 11, Political Science 1, Public Speaking Comm. 1, and 15 other dual credit courses. The other pathways include, Engineering, Education, Health Science and Digital Arts & Media.

We’ve continued the one-to-one iPad program for all students and will use the technology to improve instruction and access curriculum. Students will be expected to demonstrate proficiency in the 4Cs: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking.

In closing, we believe that improving our students’ academic performance and getting their foot in the door to college will give them the competitive edge when it comes to graduating college or starting a career. Over the years, I have found that students just need a fair chance to get ahead in this world. This is our goal: to prepare our students for that chance to succeed in life. So, welcome back and Go Apaches!!!

Daniel Chacon, Principal.

picture of sanger high principal dan chacon