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Sanger High School


Featured Scholarships

Available scholarships are not limited to the list below as more opportunities are also available on behalf of one's own research.
Scholarships are time limited, please plan accordingly.

Local Scholarships

The application window for Local Scholarships have ended. Thank you for your submissions! For more opportunities, check out the scholarships below.

Highlighted Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are listed in the order of nearest deadline. This list is subjected to change as more scholarships become available and as existing ones expire.

Central Valley Scholarships

Due date: June 1, 2022

We are proud to offer $25,000 in scholarships for Central Valley students during the 2022 year! Our scholarships recognize exemplary students in the Central Valley who, despite facing various obstacles, find the will to continue with their educational journey. Our scholarships invite vulnerability, encourage empowerment, and provide students in the Central Valley the space to validate their stories and find the beauty in their struggles.

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Fresno State: New Bulldog Scholarship

Due date: June 1, 2022

The consideration requirements are as follows.

  • Must have accepted, registered, and paid for Dog Days to be considered (Must have done all 3 steps by May 1)
  • All students self-nominate using this form
  • All students must include a recommender (who should be their high school counselor)
  • Selection will be made in June

New Bulldog Scholarship Award Requirements:

  • Must have attended Dog Days
  • Must be enrolled in 12 units or more by August to be awarded
  • $1,000 will be awarded approximately 10 days prior to the first day of class for fall 2022
  • $1,000 will be awarded in January if the student returns and registered for a minimum of 12 units for spring 2023


PG&E Better Together STEM Scholarship Program

Due date: June 3, 2022 @ 12:00 PM

PG&E Corporation Foundation (the “Foundation”) is awarding scholarships to help further the undergraduate studies of local students interested in being a part of California’s clean energy future.

The program is administered by Scholarship America®, the nation’s largest designer and manager of scholarship, tuition assistance, and other education support programs for corporations, foundations, associations, and individuals.

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Christopher Nohl Scholarship

Due date: July 15, 2022

Current students enrolled in a university or current high school students that plan to enroll in a university can apply to be enrolled for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship award towards your education.  Through our essay contest we aim to generate awareness and funds for students who plan to be the first college graduate in their families.

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Asian Pacific Scholarship Fund

Due date: Varies. See link for more information.

We coordinate several scholarship programs that provide financial support to undergraduate and graduate students. Each program is tailored to reflect the donor’s personal interests, whether targeted to specific ethnicities, career paths, or backgrounds

This is an 'umbrella' scholarship which hosts multiple scholarships with different colleges.

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NROTC Preparatory Scholarships (NPS’s)

Due date: Varies. See link for more information.

Under the NPSR program interested high school students may apply for one-year university, or privately funded scholarships to support room, board and tuition while enrolled in a university NROTC preparatory program. University NROTC Prep programs are designed to improve midshipman candidates’ academic and life skills to prepare for the rigorous NROTC academic program.

This is an 'umbrella' scholarship which hosts multiple scholarships with different colleges.

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Beware of Scams

1. Fees should not be paid for scholarships (Applying for financial aid is free)

2. Never give credit card or bank account information

3. No one can guarantee that you'll win a scholarship

4. Legitimate scholarships require time & energy

5. Legitimate sponsors should provide contact information upon request

6. Be aware if you are called to receive an award for which you never applied

7. Don't be pressured into applying for a scholarship, especially if the sponsor is asking you to pay

8. Beware of claims of “exclusive” scholarships

9. An official-sounding name or endorsement doesn't automatically mean it's legitimate

10. If your questions aren't answered directly, proceed with caution

Contact your counselor if you are contacted by a scholarship scam