Student Permits

Work Permit

State of California Department of Education Permit to Employ and Work.

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How to Apply


Download, print, and fill out this form.


Scan and email your completed application to the appropriate secretary by grade level (see list below) and you will be contacted via phone or email once your permit is ready.

If you don’t have access to a scanner, please contact your grade level secretary directly (see list below) via phone call or email for an appointment to come into the office to drop off the application.

9th Grade – Karla Cardenas
(559) 524-7239

10th Grade – Mayra De La Riva
(559) 524-7222

11th Grade – Navil Gutierrez
(559) 524-7121

12th Grade – Alondra Cortez
(559) 524-7238

Please do not stop by the office for a work permit unless you have a scheduled appointment.

** If you are 18 years of age, you do not need a school work permit **

Student Parking Permit

All student drivers must be registered on the SHS Drivers List. Once registered, please visit the attendance office and present a valid driver’s license. Prior to a student being permitted to drive off campus, a parent or guardian is required to contact the attendance office.

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* Student Parking Map